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Recipes full of the seasonal bounties of summer.

Summer Party Food – Cheesy Prosciutto Puffs

Doesn't that title just lure you in? I really love a summer party.  It summons images of warm evenings, lively chatter, soft music, fruity Pimms and of course, wonderful food. Light and colourful, packed with flavour and to allow for mingling, in nibble form. 

Just the word 'nibble' fills me with … Continue Reading ››

Drink: Grapefruit Gin & Tonic Slushie

A sip or two of this citrus slushie will start your spring BBQ with a swing. A great twist on the classic gin & tonic, this drink is sharp and refreshing with more buzz than a bumblebee in a sunflower....

gin and tonic slushieContinue Reading ››

Recipe: Tandoori Chicken Burgers

...all the great flavours of tandoori chicken, with a minty raita - but in burger form!

I started to write this post right at the start of BBQ season, and have only just got around to finishing it! Sadly, the time for BBQ's is nearly at an end for … Continue Reading ››

Simple Summer Gazpacho

Tomatoes, full of flavour, form the base of this fresh, light, chilled Gazpacho. Each sip will cool, calm and nourish you...

You know those days when it's oppressively hot and you just don't feel like eating much?  To be honest, living in the UK, I'm not that familiar with them, but if there's a … Continue Reading ››

Recipe: Crayfish Cocktail in a Jar

Sweet, succulent crayfish & creamy avocado, served on a bed of crisp, fresh lettuce with a light, zingy herb dressing...

We're going a little bit retro today - but (as all the cool kids say), with a modern twist... crayfish cocktail Do you have a go-to … Continue Reading ››

BBQ Recipe: Spicy Mint Lamb Kebabs

A combination of chilli, honey, yoghurt and mint makes these lamb kebabs spicy, sweet and cool all in one mouthful. With only 10 minutes preparation time, they are the perfect dish for your next BBQ...

I'm assuming that as you've clicked on this post, you're at least mildly into BBQ's. … Continue Reading ››

The 50 Most Mouthwatering BBQ Recipes

Well, by my reckoning we've got about one more month before the weather starts to turn and Autumn raises its red and golden head.  So, while there's still time to sit outside without a jumper, why not invite over some friends, dust off that grill and make the most of … Continue Reading ››

Fig & Goat’s Cheese Crostini with a Honey, Orange & Basil Dressing

Crisp toasts, topped with creamy goats cheese, sweet, soft figs and a delicate honey, orange and basil dressing...

You know those meals that are are really special? The ones you spend hours preparing but it's totally worth it because they're such a treat? Well this isn't one of those. Continue Reading ››

Strawberry Peach Iced Tea

You know those really hot, oppressive summer days when the air feels heavy and no matter what you do, you just can't get cool?

Doing anything feels like wading through water and that's just emphasised by the dampness of your clothing and brow...

What you need is my Strawberry and Peach Iced Tea - … Continue Reading ››

What’s in season in August?

August has a lot of pressure on it in my book.  I always consider it to be the heart of the British summer and the sultriest month of the year.  So when it isn't, then that's summer ruined.  August is the last chance for a heatwave - next stop, Autumn, … Continue Reading ››