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Great tips and techniques to help make life easier in the kitchen and add something extra to your food experience

The 12 tips of Christmas

This year, at the ripe old age of 38, I hosted my first ever Christmas at home.  It was nerve-wracking, exhausting, exciting, fulfilling and well, wonderful. We didn't have a big crowd so I was eased in gently.  My brother and his girlfriend joined us on Christmas Eve for some festive … Continue Reading ››

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Toddler Won’t Eat Their Food

feeding toddlersYou've read all the parenting books, you've browsed all the forums and you know EVERYTHING there is to know about weaning and what to give your growing toddler so they get all the nutrition they need to develop healthily. There's just one … Continue Reading ››

Five things Bananaman can teach us about being a superhero

Ok, for those of you who have eagerly clicked through  to this post hoping for the secrets to superpowers, then I must confess that I've played a bit of a sneaky trick on you - and for that I'm very sorry. What I'm talking about here, is how you can all … Continue Reading ››

Five Cool Foodie Ideas From Pinterest

Get your foodie inspiration firing and your taste buds zinging with my cool foodie ideas from Pinterest!

I'm a little bit addicted to Pinterest.  It's one of those dangerous places where you can innocently go while you have a spare 5 minutes, only to realise 2 hours later, that your children are unfed and … Continue Reading ››

Five Ways to Five-a-Day

You need never be unhealthy again!

So, Summer is creeping slowly and frankly, rainily (is that a word??) to our doorstep once more and I for one have started the annual 'oh lord, I'd better start eating a bit better so I can fit in those shorts' thoughts.  Not only that, … Continue Reading ››

My 10 Store Cupboard Essentials

There are days when I get home from work and optimistically open the fridge, looking for inspiration, only to be faced with the cold (pardon the pun), hard truth.  I haven't been shopping and the cupboard (ahem, fridge) is bare... It's on those days that my store cupboard essentials come into … Continue Reading ››

Weekday Suppers – 10 Steps to Success

You're just 10 steps away from weekday supper success!

I don't ask a lot from my weekday suppers (tea, supper, dinner - what's it known as in your family?), just that they're delicious, healthy, cheap, can be made with the least amount of work possible... ok, maybe that is quite a lot.. … Continue Reading ››

Be a domestic goddess in 12 easy steps

Level up your Domestic Goddess skills in 12 easy steps...

I should begin by saying that I am NOT a domestic goddess and neither have I achieved all of the things on the list below.  Instead, these are the ideals to which I aspire while desperately trying to disguise my … Continue Reading ››