Gluten free pear & almond cake

Gluten Free Recipe: Pear & Almond Cake

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Subtle, sweet pear and unctuous almond make this gluten free cake moist, luxurious and incredibly more-ish (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

It’s a funny thing, having a food blog.  People assume that you’re suddenly an expert in all things cooking and baking.  

Gluten Free Pear & Almond Cake

Pssst! I’ve got a little secret for you… I’m really not! Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and to tinker in the kitchen, trying this and that. Generally, I’m pretty happy with the results…when I’m cooking. Baking is, and always has been, a bit hit and miss.  Sure, I can follow a recipe, but the whole science behind it is a bit hazy.

For further proof of this, take a look at one of my first ever posts last year!

Gluten Free Pear & Almond Cake

‘Come on Colette, what do I want, your autobiography?? Make with the recipe already!’

Wow – a bit grumpy today?  I guess you definitely need some of this cake then.  The point that I was TRYING to make, before you got all impatient, was that making this gluten free cake barely qualifies as baking. It’s really just dumping a load of ingredients in a bowl, mixing them up and shoving them in the oven.

Gluten Free Pear & Almond Cake

The results are a bit of a miracle.  I claim no (or very little) responsibility.  The recipe is inspired by one of Nigella’s (Apple & Almond Cake) and is unbelievably moist and buttery (especially considering the complete lack of butter in the recipe…)

No raising agents make it a dense cake, but it doesn’t feel too heavy, and a big slice can be gobbled down with no effort at all (quite un-befitting of the delicate tea service you see pictured above I’m afraid).

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Colette Broomhead

I am a 30 something mother of 2 little boys and I live with them and my husband in Nottingham. My passions are my family and friends, my kitchen, my cookery books and all things food and drink!

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