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The 12 tips of Christmas

This year, at the ripe old age of 38, I hosted my first ever Christmas at home.  It was nerve-wracking, exhausting, exciting, fulfilling and well, wonderful. We didn't have a big crowd so I was eased in gently.  My brother and his girlfriend joined us on Christmas Eve for some festive … Continue Reading ››

My 12 Part Guide to a Stress Free Christmas

Any Eat Drink Cook stalwarts among you will remember that last year, I posted weekly guides to help take some of the stress out of Christmas.  Now we've hit November I feel reasonably safe in bringing them to the fore again and offering them up as a metaphoric helping hand … Continue Reading ››

Stress Free Christmas Part 8: Christmas Party Planning

Christmas Party Time!

Well, here we are at Part 8!  Hopefully, you're feeling nothing but a sense of excited anticipation when the word Christmas comes up.  No sense of panic or dread for us this year! This week, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of what you'll be serving your … Continue Reading ››

Your Weekly Guide to a Stress Free Christmas

Stress Free Christmas? Yes please!

I will lead you by the hand from now until Christmas Day and together, we'll achieve a relaxed and joyful festive season...

For too many years, I've panicked and stressed my way through the whole Christmas period.  I've forgotten to write cards, I've left my shopping until … Continue Reading ››