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Things are looking (ketch)up!

(sorry…) I’ve really enjoyed working on this recipe.  First, there was the pouring over a dozen other homemade ketchup recipes for inspiration (I’m definitely trying Jamie’s at some point – it looks pretty tasty). Then, there was the actual making of the ketchup.  A gorgeous smell of sweet tomatoes, warm ginger and tangy vinegar filled […]

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Tomatoes: Prawn Pilau

Five ways with…tomatoes: Prawn Pilau ‘Hurrah!’ I hear you cry.  ‘Finally, she’s done another post!’  Yes, indeed I have, and you’re in luck because this one’s a particularly yummy one and the second in my ‘Five ways with…tomatoes’ series.  This recipe comes from my Mama and is both ridiculously easy and ludicrously tasty.  You’re welcome! […]

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Anniversary barbecue

Aah, the barbeque! What better way to celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss than cooking meat over an open flame? Yesterday was our eleventh wedding anniversary – how time flies!  We celebrated with a small group of friends and family by having a barbecue at our home for the week in Derbyshire (kindly provided by my […]

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Five ways with…tomatoes

I’m cheating a bit today.  I’m on holiday in Derbyshire with my family and so my lovely home grown tomatoes that I was bragging about in my last post are sadly, not to hand!  Instead, today, I’ll be giving you a little preview of the tomato recipes that I will be posting over the coming couple of […]

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My Monthly Five Recipe Share

Recipe Share – sharing the love I’m a little bit addicted to trying new recipes.  I try at least one, most weeks.  There’s something rather exciting about experiencing fresh taste combinations or learning new techniques.  My recipe book collection is a testament to that! I have also found it very satisfying to be able to share […]

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Food hugs #5 – Soup

“Beautiful Soup, so rich and green,Waiting in a hot tureen!Who for such dainties would not stoop?Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup” (The Mock Turtle/Alice in Wonderland) Soup really hits the spot when you’re feeling a little off colour.  Perhaps you have a nasty cold or maybe you’ve over-indulged the night […]

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