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The Recipes Eat Drink Cook

Food hugs #4 – Carbs

Carb me up Scotty! Ah, carbs.  The food group that everyone loves to hate.  They tend to be what I turn to first if I’m feeling a little sub-par.  I have a fave for pretty much every carb.. Potato for ultimate comfort only mashed will do, although a big plate of crispy chips covered in […]

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Food Hugs #3 – Cream

Dreamy Creamy Comfort Iced in a tub, clotted on jammy scones, fluffy and whipped atop a pavlova, added to cheese and pasta….cream really is a comfort food staple! Need I say more? Yes? Ok – here you go then! Who hasn’t heard the old cliché of breaking out a tub of ice cream after you’ve […]

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Recipe: My Chai

Warm yourself on a winter’s day with my sweet, spiced chai latte… There are some days when only a mug of something steaming hot, creamy and sweet will do.  For those days, my Chai is the perfect remedy!  It’s a teensy bit more effort than a standard cuppa but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! For […]

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