10 awesome sandwiches you should definitely try

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Not many days go by when I don’t quiz my family about what they had for lunch and then regale them with details of my own mealtime exploits.  It’s not that we struggle for conversation or anything – I’m genuinely interested.  I love talking about food!  Sadly, I’m often left unsatisfied by the responses that I get. My 7 year old son can remember a conversation from a year ago but can never recall what he ate just a few hours earlier (or in fact what he’s done all day at school at all).  My husband skips the meal entirely more often than not – or when he doesn’t, will come back with ‘oh, just a sandwich’…

Just a sandwich??

The sandwich is a wondrous thing. I should clarify, I’m not talking about one of those sad looking pre-packed efforts with soggy bread, droopy lettuce and so little actual filling that it’s a struggle to find it at all.  Those are NOT sandwiches. No. I’m thinking of those sandwiches where you’ve spent time pondering exactly what to put in it.  You’ve haven’t just whipped it up without thought, you’ve stood and perused your cupboards, you’ve chosen your bread carefully and each bite is a little piece of heaven.  Everyone’s got their favourite, but it’s always good to experiment so here are a few of my personal favourites for you to try…


1 – Ham & Beetroot Sandwich

This one isn’t a classic combo but I URGE you to try it! Ideally, you need some just warmed crusty baguette, some proper ham (none of your watery, wafer thin stuff) and sliced, pickled beetroot.  You also need a good layer of butter or margarine that starts to melt into the warmed bread….mmmmm….try it now, thank me later ๐Ÿ™‚

2 – Roast beef, cheese and lettuce sandwich

I’ll allow you a bit more freedom on this one – but if you’re asking for my opinion, then the beef should be rare, the cheese should be Port Salut and the lettuce should be rocket… Oh, and for goodness sake, would it kill you to add a little ground black pepper? Horseradish is non-negotiable.

3 – Cheese & pickle sandwich

It’s a classic for a reason people! Strong cheddar and pickle WITH chunks.

4 – Prawn & avocado sandwich

Ok, this is one of my hubby’s creations and it’s a winner. Prawn, mayo and avocado.  The secret is, you toast the bread.  The added crunch just works with the smooth avocado.

5 – Tandoori chicken with Greek yoghurt & chopped mint sandwich

This one is lovely in some pitta bread.  I often have one of these little beauties if we have some tandoori chicken left after a BBQ.  A little bit of crunchy lettuce is a welcome addition too.  I generally mix the chicken, yoghurt, mint and shredded lettuce in a bowl and then shove it all into a pitta until I can’t shove no more…

6 – Jerk chicken & mango chutney sandwich

Hubby has just reminded me about this one.  It may sound like a bit of an eclectic combo – but believe me, it is a good one.  This was a weekend favourite of ours a few years back and I can’t believe it’s been so long since we made these.  Try it – you won’t look back – other than to remember how awesome it was.

7 – Smoked salmon & egg mayo sandwich

Pret do a lovely one of these.  It’s my special treat to myself whenever I have to travel to London for work. There’s one just near our offices, so I pop in for a smoked salmon and egg mayo baguette and a great big bucket of tea.  Blisssss…

8 – Sausage & egg sandwich

Years ago, hubby and I lived in a flat in Nottingham city centre.  We were always broke and had no idea what we wanted to do with our lives, but in may ways they were halcyon days.  Everything was on our doorstep, we had no real responsibilities – no children, no mortgage and a group of great friends who lived locally and with whom we thoroughly enjoyed every weekend in the various pubs and bars.  Hangovers seemed less then than they do now. Now, they’re incapacitating. They’re soul destroying.  They’re just not worth it.  Back then, they were just a good excuse to eat lots of comfort food and watch back to back episodes of Friends all day.  The point of this little nostaligic rant, is that on those hungover mornings, we would emerge from our flat, bleary eyed and stumble down to the Tesco Metro on the corner.  There, we would buy the most AMAZING egg and sausage sandwiches.  They came with a sort of spicy tomato relish and every mouthful was salvation.  Sadly, Tesco don’t seem to do them anymore – so now I get my fix from the burger van outside our local B&Q.  He does a mean double sausage and double egg roll.  The yolk still a bit runny so when you bite into it, it all oozes out.  They definitely make hangovers in your 30’s just a little more bearable…

9 – Smoked bacon and brioche

I may have mentioned this one before – it was a recent discovery and now I’m keen to spread the word.  Crisp, salty, smoked bacon with soft, sweet brioche.  It’s pretty special.

10 – Cheese omlette sandwich

This is what I make for my hubby when he’s feeling a bit blue.  2 eggs, a load of butter, plenty of salt and pepper and a generous handful of grated Cheddar.  Soft, sliced wholemeal bread, more butter (I never promised these would be healthy sandwiches!) and you’ve got yourself a hell of a sarnie.

So there you go – those are my top 10.  I could probably keep going for another 10 but these are definitely enough to be going on with for now.

Let me know if you try any! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Colette Broomhead

I am a 30 something mother of 2 little boys and I live with them and my husband in Nottingham. My passions are my family and friends, my kitchen, my cookery books and all things food and drink!

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