Baking Experiment #2

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Baking Experiment – the sequel…Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Muffins

(try saying that with a mouthful of chocolate orange cheesecake muffin!)

I was recently watching Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook on TV and she made some rather yummy looking lemon lava cakes.  I love the idea of a cake or pudding with a surprise gooey centre and so I started to think about how I could create something similar but using my Orange Curd recipe.  I love anything chocolate orange, I love cheesecake, I love muffins and so, well… this happened…

Baking Experiment

I must say, I’m rather pleased with the result – after much consideration, I decided to go for a cheesecakey centre AND topping to the muffin and I can say without any doubt, that it was the right choice.  Frankly, I could just eat a big bowl of that on its own but in conjunction with a chocolate muffin, it’s pretty unbeatable!

Check out the Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Muffin recipe (really must come up with a catchier title…)

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