Five ways with…breadcrumbs: Breadcrumb toppings

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Add a little extra pizzazz (yep – I just said ‘pizzazz’) with breadcrumb toppings…

So here we are at number 3 of my ‘Five ways with…breadcrumbs’ series and I for one am not even getting close to fed up with those little crumb chums!  It just goes to show, it’s worth looking at those old, familiar basics in the kitchen for inspiration once in a while.  Often there can be a whole host of tastiness hiding behind their normal, everyday uses 🙂

breadcrumb toppings

Picture from Pinterest

So many meals can be improved by a simple sprinkle of breadcrumbs over the top and a quick 5 mins in the oven to crisp them up.  One of my favourites is macaroni cheese with a fab breadcrumb mix of:

crispy pancetta



drizzle of olive oil

Why not experiment with different variations and give your old favourites a new and exciting twist?

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