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Picnic Food: Sweet Onion, Courgette and Cheese Tarts

Sweet, caramelised onion & courgette, tangy tomato & balsamic vinegar and crisp, flaky puff pastry… Whip these up in around 30 minutes and make sure your summer picnic is simply spiffing! I have adored picnics ever since I was a Famous Five reading, basket-on-my-bike riding little girl.  There’s just something so adventurous and exciting about them and frankly, food […]

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Recipe: Roast Chicken with Spring Vegetable & Bulgur Salad

Succulent roast chicken, delicately flavoured with parsley, lemon & garlic. Served with a side of gleaming, golden bulgur wheat full of fresh green asparagus, peas and mint. All the tastes of spring, in a beautifully light meal… The other day, disaster struck.  I had bought a chicken, ready for a Sunday roast, but when the day dawned and […]

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