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Recipe: Simple Roast Chicken

‘We all like chicken’ Malcolm X – The Autobiography of Malcolm X I recently discovered that ‘chicken recipes’ is the most common recipe-related Google search in the UK, so I thought I’d oblige by providing a few of my own!  What better place to start than the king of all chicken recipes, roast chicken? A roast […]

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Tomatoes: Prawn Pilau

Five ways with…tomatoes: Prawn Pilau ‘Hurrah!’ I hear you cry.  ‘Finally, she’s done another post!’  Yes, indeed I have, and you’re in luck because this one’s a particularly yummy one and the second in my ‘Five ways with…tomatoes’ series.  This recipe comes from my Mama and is both ridiculously easy and ludicrously tasty.  You’re welcome! […]

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