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Tomatoes: Prawn Pilau

Five ways with…tomatoes: Prawn Pilau ‘Hurrah!’ I hear you cry.  ‘Finally, she’s done another post!’  Yes, indeed I have, and you’re in luck because this one’s a particularly yummy one and the second in my ‘Five ways with…tomatoes’ series.  This recipe comes from my Mama and is both ridiculously easy and ludicrously tasty.  You’re welcome! […]

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Recipe: Salmon Fishcakes

Five ways with breadcrumbs…Fishcakes There are SO many variations here – there’s a basic fish cake with white fish such as cod and potato, then you’ve got Thai fish cakes, crab cakes, yummy combinations like smoked haddock and wholegrain mustard… the list goes on.  Here’s one that I think is pretty tasty.  It’s developed from a […]

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