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My 10 Store Cupboard Essentials

There are days when I get home from work and optimistically open the fridge, looking for inspiration, only to be faced with the cold (pardon the pun), hard truth.  I haven’t been shopping and the cupboard (ahem, fridge) is bare… It’s on those days that my store cupboard essentials come into play. They are the […]

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Recipe: Sunshine Granola

Every mouthful is a taste of Summer.  Sweet, tangy mango and pineapple, a hint of coconut with toasted macadamias and almonds.  How can that be anything but good for you? There’s something rather smugly satisfying about eating granola.  It doesn’t matter what’s actually in it, you just feel like you’re being very good to yourself. […]

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Recipe: Banana Smoothie

You’re just 3 ingredients and 30 seconds of whizzing from a super scrummy, super healthy banana smoothie breakfast! This is probably one of the easiest smoothies you could make, so if you’re a smoothie newbie then it’s a good place to start.  There are endless combos  that you can try, but today we’re keeping it […]

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Recipe: Winter Vegetable Soup & Cheese & Rosemary Toasts

I love this soup! It’s incredibly simple, incredibly cheap and incredibly tasty.  Picture a cold, winter’s day and you’ve just come inside after taking the kids to the park.  Everyone’s noses are red and everyone’s tummies are rumbling. Luckily, you have a few bits of old, rather sorry for itself veg that needs using up! […]

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My TV Dinner: A day with Mel & Sue

Last week I was on Mel & Sue and it was both one of the most surreal and one of the most fabulous (darling!) days of my life… When I started this blog back in July, I never dreamed that within a year it would get me on the telly!  Nevertheless, last week, that’s exactly what […]

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