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Be a domestic goddess in 12 easy steps

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Level up your Domestic Goddess skills in 12 easy steps…

I should begin by saying that I am NOT a domestic goddess and neither have I achieved all of the things on the list below.  Instead, these are the ideals to which I aspire while desperately trying to disguise my innate disorganisation.

1 – Give homemade gifts

Why would a domestic goddess have to buy her presents from M&S? Pinterest is a veritable gold mine of great ideas – why not type in ‘homemade gifts‘ and see what takes your fancy?

2 – Make your own strawberry jam & scones

Imagine how impressed your chums will be when they pop round for a cuppa and you present them with a warm scone, covered in sweet, sticky strawberry jam and a dollop of clotted cream?  I think it’s safe to say you will have made a friend forever.  Both are surprisingly easy to make – here are a couple of recipes to get you started…

domestic goddess

The perfect strawberry jam – Felicity Cloake

Devonshire Scones – Mary Berry

3 – Avoid clutter

Cunning use of cupboards and boxes can hide a multitude of sins. So what if you’ve just got back from work and haven’t had time to do a full spring clean? Just shove all the surface clutter in a cupboard and worry about it later. Ta da!

4 – Enlist your children

domestic goddess

Kids actually love to be helpful – especially if they get to feel a bit grown up too. Show them an everyday task (laying the table is a great one) and then get them to do it every day so it becomes their special job. When you have friends round you can breezily ask ‘Matilda darling, could you do the table please?’ and your guests will be secretly uber impressed with your angelic children and your obvious parenting prowess!  If you don’t have children of your own then don’t worry – just borrow the children of a friend and bribe them with sugary treats to obey your every command!

5 – Roast a good chicken

domestic goddess

There’s more than one way to roast a chicken (as they say!?)  Find one that you like and become well versed in it.  It’s hard to find a red blooded carnivore who doesn’t love a beautifully succulent and flavoursome roast chicken. Which brings me to my next point…

6 – Make your own stock!

Honestly, it’s incredibly easy – how tricky can it really be to boil up a load of stuff in a big pan and just leave it to work its magic? (Admittedly, I did once forget about mine and returned to what was a pint or 2 of chicken concentrate instead of the several litres of stock I had been intending…) but I digress! Imagine how satisfying to be able to smugly say ‘oh yes, I use my own homemade stock – it’s so much better than the shop bought stuff’. People will secretly hate you but what do you care? You have homemade stock!

Here’s a recipe to get you started..

Chicken Stock – Jamie Oliver

7 – Have cut flowers in the house

domestic goddess

Ideally, grow some beautiful varieties of flower in your garden so that you can cut these and have them in your house for free.  Alternatively, just buy a couple of cheap bunches (daffodils are always great value in Spring) and put them in whatever rooms your guests will be visiting (including the loos – what a lovely surprise for them!)

Not sure what to grow?  Don’t worry! Here’s a handy article to help you along..

Top 10 cut flowers to grow

8 – Have fun

No one wants to go to dinner at someone’s house to find they are clearly stressed and not enjoying themselves.  It doesn’t matter how good the food is if the host or hostess is on the edge of a breakdown! Plan ahead, keep it simple and remember they’re your friends and they don’t care if the cake didn’t rise properly or the gravy is a bit lumpy!

9 – Be thoughtful

‘Well, DUH!’ I hear you cry. Yes, it’s obvious – but I mean really think. Do you friends have everything they want or need. Does anyone look uncomfortable? Do they feel welcome? Have all the appropriate introductions been made? If someone feels either physically or mentally uncomfortable, then it doesn’t matter how delicious the food or how beautiful the surroundings, they won’t have a good time.

10 – Less is NOT more

domestic goddess

See what happens when the wine runs out?

It’s ALWAYS better to have too much than too little. No one wants to run out of wine half way through the night.

11 – Be a good guest

A domestic goddess is gracious in other people’s homes as well as their own. Always say something nice. It could be about how someone looks, the food, the décor – whatever strikes you.  Don’t be false and just say something for the sake of it though. There must be something you like. Find that and make sure you comment on it. Equally, if someone has been kind enough to invite you to their home, then thank them or they won’t invite you back!

12 – Make a good breakfast


I don’t know about you, but quite often when we have people for dinner, they will stay the night with us too.  It can be easy to focus all your attention on the feast you will serve for dinner and then wake up the next morning, tired and hungover, and realise that all you have to offer your guests are some Sugar Puffs and some mouldy bread… Breakfast doesn’t need to be complex to be lovely.  I love a good fry up as much as the next person, but why not be a bit different?  How about some pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup? Or maybe some homemade granola with honey and Greek yoghurt?  Of course if it’s more of a brunch you’re serving then there’s nothing wrong with the hair of the dog and a good old Bloody Mary…  ‘Recipes?’ I hear you cry – but of course…

American pancakes – Nigella

Eggs Benedict – Delia

Bloody Mary – BBC, Andy Pearson

Granola  – Felicty Cloake

 So there you go – just 12 simple steps to follow to become a fully fledged domestic goddess. If you know any other poor, undomesticated women who are struggling to find their inner goddess, then be a friend and share these steps with them!

What do you think?

What tips do you goddesses (and gods!) out there have to share?  I’d love to hear from you!


Colette Broomhead

I am a 30 something mother of 2 little boys and I live with them and my husband in Nottingham. My passions are my family and friends, my kitchen, my cookery books and all things food and drink!

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