Drinks tips: Making your cold drinks cooler

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Drinks tips: 5 ways to make your cold drinks cooler

Who knew that just plain old water could be made into something so much more special? (Well, Jesus did I guess… but I’m not talking quite as magical as water into wine here..) Check out number 3 in my drinks tips series to see exactly what I am talking about…

No.3: H2 WOAH!

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Most of us should be drinking more water.  Even I should drink more, and I’m evangelical about it – just ask my husband!  He has a headache, I tell him to have some water, he feels tired, I tell him to have some water… you get the idea!  There’s nothing in the rules that says it has to be kept plain though right?  So treat yourself and add a little sparkle (I don’t mean literally – but hey, you could do that too) to your 8 glasses a day.  Some ideas are:

Ice (always!)

Mint (or try other herbs)

Lemon, Lime, Orange


Whisky….just kidding! (sort of…)

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