Drinks tips: Making your cold drinks cooler

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Drinks tips: 5 ways to make your cold drinks cooler

Ewwww! That’s gross! No, no, no – I’m not talking anything unhygienic here.  I just mean trying something a little different in your presentation…

No. 4: Go communal

Last year we went to Majorca for a week with family and friends.  One evening, we went to this really cool little local bar for cocktails (picture lots of trendy people lounging around on big cushions and futons with artily hung fabrics overhead providing much needed shade).  Imagine my excitement when the waiter brought over a big bowl with lots of long straws for all of us to share!  Sadly, I could only have a few sips because it was pretty potent and I was pregnant at the time, but the idea has stuck with me and I’m determined to try it myself sometime.

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