September: What’s in season?

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September in season; A Time For Crumbles & Crab Apples

applesAs the evenings start to draw in and the mornings to dawn a little cooler, we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that there is a wealth of new food in season this month to bring a warming Autumnal glow to our tables.

Following on from my Seasonal Suppers post, here are a selection of the seasonal delights you can enjoy in September.






It seems to me that it would be almost criminal not to take advantage of these great seasonal fruits by making a crumble or two this month…

Veg & Herbs

 Butternut squash




All of these were just made for roasting.  Shove them in with your Sunday chicken (or guinea foul?) and reap the sweet, sticky rewards!

Meat & Fish

 Autumn Lamb

Guinea Foul



I’ve never cooked with Guinea Fowl before – I think this could be the year to give it a try!  Or why not try some Autumn Lamb, which, after a Summer of feeding on the sweet summer grass, arguably has more depth of flavour than its Spring counterpart.

Here are my seasonal thoughts on September in 2015…



Wild mushroom

‘Shaggy Caps’




Wild mushrooms

Feeling bored one Saturday afternoon?  Get your wellies on and head off to your local woods to search out some wild mushrooms.  (It goes without saying, that you should only pick those you know to be safe to eat!).  The ones above featured heavily in my childhood, being my Mum’s long standing favourites.  Many a weekend afternoon was spent in search of these little blighters!  When you get back home you can enjoy them on toast with lots of garlic, butter, parsley and seasoning.  What could be more rewarding?

What do you think?

Let me know what seasonal foods you’ll be enjoying this month!  Any mushroom foraging or blackberry picking planned?

More seasonal thoughts..

Seasonal foods in October (2014)

Seasonal foods in October (2015)

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