Kitchen tips bits – Oh breadcrumbs!

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Don’t waste a breadcrumbbreadcrumbs

How often do you throw away bread that’s gone stale?  If you’re anything like me, then TOO often!

Next time, instead of chucking it out, why not throw it in a food processor along with a few choice ingredients to turn it into something delicious that can be used to adorn meals like macaroni cheese, fish pie or even turned into fish cakes?  Here are a few ingredients to play with – see what yummy crummies you can come up with!

Try adding to your breadcrumbs…

Olive oil


Lemon zest


Sun dried tomatoes


Parsley/rosemary/thyme/basil/mint/dill…. the list goes on!

Pine nuts


Let me know what fabulous breadcrumbs concoctions you can come create!

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Colette Broomhead

I am a 30 something mother of 2 little boys and I live with them and my husband in Nottingham. My passions are my family and friends, my kitchen, my cookery books and all things food and drink!

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