My Perfect Sangria

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Chilled, refreshing summer in a glass…each sip takes you closer to your favourite holidays to Spain and further from the humdrum of the working week!

Now, I’m conscious that this may be a controversial subject.   Many of you may already have a tried and tested recipe for Sangria and will be indignantly wondering who I think I am to be claiming the ‘perfect’ recipe.  Let me just clarify right here, right now – this recipe is my perfect recipe but I don’t make any claims on the title of the perfect recipe…(although I’m fairly confident it’s pretty close…)

Sangria holds a special place in my heart.  It takes me back to wonderful family holidays, staying with my Auntie and Uncle in Spain.  Big jugs of it were made up as part of the pre-lunch preparations. Various nibbles would be set out and plastic garden cups assigned to all.  Ah,  that first, cool, sweet sip.  Just pure bliss. Pure, summery, holiday bliss.


This is the Sangria that I was taught to make on those very holidays – there are no spirits and no chopped fruit (apart from oranges).  It’s simple, refreshing and can be sipped gently all afternoon if one so desires, without too much danger of ill-affect!

By all means, feel free to add more chopped fruit or even spirits if you’re looking for more ‘buzz’ – but just know, none of that is necessary.

For this recipe, rather than using specific measurements, I’ve used proportional representation – that way, you can make it work for whatever size jug you’re using.


My Perfect Sangria

You will need:

1/3 red wine

2/3 cloudy lemonade



  • Fill your jug about 1/3 full with red wine
  • Now cut your orange into quarters or eighths and squeeze the juice from each segment into the jug, before dumping them in too
  • Now add plenty of ice
  • Finally, top up with your lemonade and give the whole lot a good stir
  • MUST be drunk outside in the sunshine (the sangria that is – not you!)

Super simple, super refreshing and super tasty – cheers! 🙂

Colette Broomhead

I am a mum of 2 boys and I live in Nottingham. When I'm not cooking, I run my own business as a business coach. My passions are my boys, gaming and of course, all things food and drink!

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