Tropical granola

Recipe: Sunshine Granola

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Every mouthful is a taste of Summer.  Sweet, tangy mango and pineapple, a hint of coconut with toasted macadamias and almonds.  How can that be anything but good for you?

Tropical granola

There’s something rather smugly satisfying about eating granola.  It doesn’t matter what’s actually in it, you just feel like you’re being very good to yourself.  Let me tell you, if you’re eating granola that you’ve made with your own fair hands, then this satisfaction is multiplied tenfold!  That’s partly because frankly, it tastes way better than the shop bought stuff and partly because you know exactly what’s in it and what good it’s doing you.

This recipe is loosely based on ‘Andy Fairfield’s Granola’ from Nigella’s book Feast. I wanted to make it full of tropical flavours so each mouthful would taste like a Summer holiday.  Eat with a splash of milk, or with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit – or just greedily by the handful 🙂

Tropical granola

Sunshine Granola

You will need:

450 g rolled oats

100 g sunflower seeds

150 g sesame seeds

175 g peach compote

2 tsp ground ginger

100 g golden syrup

4 tbs runny honey

100 g light brown sugar

100 g macadamia nuts

150 g whole natural almonds

100 g dessicated coconut

1 tsp maldon salt

2 tbs melted coconut oil

100 g dried mango

100 g dried pineapple

100 g chopped dried apricots

Tropical Granola

  • Pre-heat your oven to 170 C
  • Put all of the ingredients apart from the dried fruit into the biggest bowl that you have
  • Give it all a good mix – don’t be tempted to use your hands, it’ll take you hours to get unstuck again!
  • Spread the mix out evenly over a couple of large baking trays
  • Pop in the oven for around 40 minutes-1 hour
  • Half way through, give it all a mix around so that it toasts evenly
  • Once it’s all nicely browned, remove from the oven and allow to cool
  • Mix in your dried fruit and pop it all into an airtight container

tropical granola

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