Recipe: Crab Linguine

…linguine, slicked in an unctuous dressing of olive oil, crushed fennel seeds, garlic, lemon, parsley and chilli with delicate flakes of sweet and salty crab stirred through… You know those days when you don’t stop, from the moment you first haul yourself out from under your duvet and put your little tippy-toes on the cold, hard floor? If the answer […]

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What’s in season in July?

Don’t you just love the explosion of colour in summer? The soft, blossomy pinks and yellows of spring have subsided and have been replaced by brighter, bolder colours more fitting for the dramatic weather of July. Sultry and sweaty one moment, then dark and stormy the next. Fantastic! As always, the month’s seasonal foods share […]

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One Year of Eat Drink Cook

Happy Birthday Eat Drink Cook! I can hardly believe it was only a year ago that I decided to stop just reading other people’s food blogs and have a go at it myself.  It’s been such a fun ride so far – I really had no idea what I was letting myself in for!  I’ve […]

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