A Stress Free Christmas – Part 9: Christmas Cake!

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Have Your Christmas Cake & Eat it

There are a few people who love Christmas cake so much that they would happily eat it all year round.  I suspect that isn’t the case for most of us though. Chocolate would be our first choice, or maybe a Victoria Sponge or Lemon Drizzle.  However, come December 25th, we all tuck in with gusto because well, that’s just what happens…(well nearly all, there are the staunch few fruit cake haters who can’t even be persuaded by Christmas Tradition!)

I am no different and on Christmas Day, much as I’ve tried to tell myself that there really isn’t a law saying that I must have a slice of booze soaked fruit for pudding and then again in my cake, I just wouldn’t feel right doing anything different.

So in Part 9, I’m here to help you make a few key decisions when it comes to the Christmas cake.   I certainly won’t dictate what you should do – I will merely act as a guide to the many and various choices that you have (some more controversial than others, it must be said).

Tradition or Wild Abandon (or something in between)?

If fruit cake wouldn’t normally be your first choice then do take a moment to consider whether this is really what you want your Christmas cake to be. They’re not cheap, whether homemade or shop bought so it really should be something that you want to eat and preferably, a real treat.  It’s Christmas after all!

For the rebels

Ok, you brave soul.  So you’ve decided to break with the norm?  Well here are a few non-traditional options for you to consider…

Italian Christmas Pudding Cake – Nigella Lawson

Christmas Spiced Chocolate Cake – Nigella Lawson

Chocolate Christmas Cake – Woman & Home

Lemon & Marzipan Drizzle Cake – Woman & Home

For the Inbetweeners

This is the category that I fall into.  It’s my first year of making my own Christmas Cake and so I wanted to stay fairly traditional but I also wanted it to be a bit different so it hopefully stands out in the memory of my family and friends.   I’ve gone with Delia’s Creole Christmas Cake.  I know it’s a safe bet, because you know, it’s Delia but it’s got a bit of a Jamaican twist to keep it a bit different.  Here’s that recipe along with a few others that play it fairly safe while still being a bit of a break from absolute tradition!

Creole Christmas Cake – Delia Smith

Chocolate Fruit Cake – Nigella Lawson

Stollen – Paul Hollywood (I think this is traditionally eaten at breakfast, but hey, if we’re breaking with tradition anyway, then who cares?)

For the Traditionalists

So you just want to do it and do it right?  Ok, well here are a few absolutely traditional recipes for you (and a couple of cheats while still keeping it real).  Can’t say fairer than that!

Got to start with Delia…

Classic Christmas Cake – Delia Smith

Easy-Action Christmas Cake – Nigella Lawson

Classic Fruit Cake – Mary Berry

Shop Bought?

Let’s face it, Christmas is a busy time and if you’re not actually that keen on Christmas cake anyway, then why on earth spend a fortune on ingredients and hours slaving in the kitchen?  If this is what you’re thoughts are, then do it – guilt free!  This is a stress free Christmas we’re going for afterall.

Final Thoughts from Fanny Craddock – DO NOT MISS!

Whatever your Christmas Cake choices may be, you simply must watch these wonderful words of wisdom from Fanny Craddock.  Christmas may well be ruined if you don’t.  You’ve been warned.

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