Food Yoga – no sweat

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Come on food – feel the burn!

When it comes down to it, we all want pretty similar things from our food.  Personally, I want meals that are;

TASTY- obvs.

CHEAP – especially now, while I’m on maternity leave

HEALTHY – well, I’ve got 2 growing boys to think about, a husband who would eat nothing but sweets and biscuits given half the chance and that baby weight isn’t going to get rid of itself…

FAMILY FRIENDLY – I’m keen for Jacob to have a wide ‘food vocabulary’ and so I often encourage him to try new things.  That being said, there are some things which I avoid if I know he’ll be at the table (probably not the time to be serving a super-hot vindaloo for instance.)

FRIEND-WORTHY – for a meal to really earn its place in my regular repertoire, it must be something that I’d happily give to friends who have come round for lunch or supper.  I’m not talking about grand dinner parties here (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a grand dinner party in my life), but something that says ‘I’m glad you’re here and I’ve made an effort’ (even if I haven’t!  Ssshhhh…)

EASY! – now, I love cooking, and at the weekend, I love to potter around the kitchen and try new techniques or recipes.  HOWEVER, during the week, all I want is something that can be knocked together in 15-30 mins (roughly the time between youngest son going to bed and husband getting home from work, sniffing the air expectantly)

So basically, what I mean by food yoga, is that I want meals that are flexible.  I want something I can whip up and enjoy for a quick, healthy lunch, serve up to my son without fear of rejection or dress up and give to my friends.  If I can save pennies along the way, then all the better!

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be using this blog to share some of my favourite food yoga recipes with you so please keep reading.

My next post: continuing the theme of food yoga, I’ll be sharing a recipe for one of my favourite flexible soups.

Go to my recipe for Carrot & Mint Soup

carrot soup

Colette Broomhead

I am a 30 something mother of 2 little boys and I live with them and my husband in Nottingham. My passions are my family and friends, my kitchen, my cookery books and all things food and drink!

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