Summer Cocktail: Rose Peach Punch

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I’ve purposefully posted this on a Saturday because I just knew that as soon as you saw it, you’d want (no, need) to sample it immediately.  Obviously, I don’t want you getting into trouble at work so I thought the weekend was best (apologies for those of you who work at weekends – tough times ahead for you guys!)

Rose Peach Punch

Peaches are at their absolute best at this time of the year.  Full of sweetness and of chin-dribbling juice. So I’ve been taking full advantage of them while I can – I mean you could just turn one meal into a complete peach-fest! How about Chicken & Peach Tagine to start, Peach Tart for dessert and some of this Peach Punch to drink? Too much peach? I’m not sure that’s possible.

Rose Peach Punch

Before we dive into the recipe, I feel an explanation is in order for my glaring omission of the accent at the end of ‘Rose’ in the title.  This wasn’t an editing error, I purposefully left it out because, although the base of the punch is rosé wine, the taste that I wanted to highlight was the delicate floral note of rose water.  Too much and it becomes soapy, but just a smidge and it really adds something wonderful to the sweet peach and crisp wine.

Rose peach punch

Cloudy lemonade lightens the whole drink and makes it acceptable for daytime consumption without fear of falling asleep in a drunken heap by 5pm. Let’s not be this guy

Rose Peach Punch
Serves 6
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  1. 3 ripe peaches
  2. 1/2 tsp rose water
  3. 1/2 tbs agave nectar
  4. 300 ml rosé wine
  5. 300 ml cloudy lemonade
  6. ice
  1. Peel the peaches and roughly chop them
  2. Pop them in a food processor along with the agave nectar and rose water
  3. Blitz until smooth and juice-like
  4. Now (if you can be bothered!) pass the juice through a sieve - you should end up with around 300 ml
  5. Pour the peach juice into a jug
  6. Add the rosé and the lemonade
  7. Top up with ice and give a good stir
  1. Feel free to replace the agave nectar with sugar or even honey - also, if you like it super sweet then you can always add more
  2. I like to serve these in Champagne glasses to make them feel super-special 🙂
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