in season in June

What’s in season in June?

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I love this time of year.  Everything looks lush and green and full of colour.  It’s as if the world (or at least our little corner of it) has woken from a long, winter sleep and new life is shooting up everywhere you look.

As you might expect, it’s a month of plenty when it comes to seasonal food, so get out there, stock up and enjoy some fresh, local produce at its best 🙂

Fruit & veg in season in June







Runner beans

Well of course strawberries are in season – it’s Wimbledon at the end of the month!  Doesn’t this seem like the perfect month to make the quintessentially English favourite, Summer Pudding?  As a kid, I was always a bit squeamish about eating this because I didn’t like the idea of bread in a pudding.  However, I grew braver in adulthood and am so glad because Summer Pudding is now one of my absolute favourites, served chilled with a good splash of single cream. Bliss!

 Summer Pudding – Delia Online

in season in June

Delia’s Summer Pudding

Meat & fish in season in June

Dover Sole




This month, why not enjoy some of the wonderful seafood available? This list reminds me of holidays in Cornwall where virtually every meal is fresh fish of some sort (well apart from the odd pastie thrown in of course!)  The beauty of it is,  you have to do so little to it to experience it at its best.  Just keep it simple and enjoy the wonderful taste of the sea.

Leigh-on-Sea Sole – Jamie Oliver

in season in June

Jamie’s Leigh-on-Sea Sole

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