Five things Bananaman can teach us about being a superhero

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Ok, for those of you who have eagerly clicked through  to this post hoping for the secrets to superpowers, then I must confess that I’ve played a bit of a sneaky trick on you – and for that I’m very sorry.

What I’m talking about here, is how you can all feel a little bit more ‘super’ and how bananas will help you do that – see what I did there?

Just look at them – aren’t they majestic?


The Mighty Banana

If you’re really just here to learn about how to get superpowers then no problem chum – I’ve got you covered.  Might I suggest that you click here or here instead…)

As for the rest of you – thanks for sticking with me – you won’t regret it…

Banana Superpower #1 – Super Cheeriness

There’s no good being a superhero if you’re going to fly around the place looking miserable…  Lucky for you, bananas are the only fruit which contain the amino acid, tryptophan and vitamin B6, which together, help your body produce serotonin, linked with alleviating depression. Happy days! Literally…

What better excuse do you need to start your day off with this gorgeous banana smoothie?


Banana Superpower #2 – Super Regular

Now I’ll tell you something, I wouldn’t fancy being ‘caught short’ in a Bananaman suit.  I can’t imagine they make for a very quick exit if you know what I mean… The humble banana is one of  the only foods (if not THE only one) which is good to eat whether you’re ‘bunged up’ or loose.  They are full of fibre, which can help alleviate constipation and they will restore electrolytes and potassium if it’s the opposite!

What more excuse do you need to stuff down some banana loaf, when you’ve got a funny tummy?

bananasBanana Superpower #3 – Radioactivity

‘Huh?!?’ I hear you cry.  Yep – believe it or not, bananas are radioactive! Before you go running for your hazmat suit, I should clarify that this is because they contain potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope of Potassium, but the levels are too low to cause you harm. Phewf, right!?

Banana Superpower #4 – Healing

So you’re out and about fighting crime and stuff, when all of a sudden, you’re struck down mid-hero-ing. What’s happened? I’m afraid, it’s bad. It’s a mosquito bite.  I know, I know – surely there’s no coming back from that? YES, my dear friends. Yes there is.  There is one way back and that way is the way of the banana.  Just reach for your trusty banana peel from the inside of your banana suit and rub it over the villainous bite.  The itching will cease and the inflammation will end.  As if this wasn’t super enough – you can do the same thing to cure other such heinous afflictions as warts, burns and splinters.  There’ll be no stopping you now!

Want to celebrate your newly found invulnerability? Then I recommend one of these rather lovely banana daiquiris! 



Banana Superpower #5 – Superhero Smile

So you’re happy, you’re regular, a teensy bit radioactive (which I believe it juuust the right amount of radioactive to be) and you’re invulnerable.  Only problem is, when the cameras are flashing, your smile just isn’t.  I think you know by now what the answer is? Toothpaste? Dentist? ‘Pah’, I say! Pah! The answer is banana. Get that banana peel and rub it over your teeth for two minutes each night and within a couple of weeks your teeth will be whiter than white.

So go, buy bananas. Eat them, rub them on you and enjoy your new superhero life 🙂

If you know any other wannabe superheroes then why not be a pal and share this with them? I for one would be SUPER grateful!


Colette Broomhead

I am a mum of 2 boys and I live in Nottingham. When I'm not cooking, I run my own business as a business coach. My passions are my boys, gaming and of course, all things food and drink!

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